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The Hypopressive exercises

...and their benefits

They were originally developed for women who had just delivered to avoid incontinence, diastasis recti or prolapse. Other exercises being hyperpressive can damage pelvic and abdominal muscles, especially after pregnancy when they are still weak. The need for low pressure on them is crucial.
Since then, the practice has expanded to both women and men due to the immense benefits in our daily lives:

-Prevention and improvement of incontinence.
Waist reduction in a safe manner.
-Pelvic Floor rehabilitation leading to improvement in sexual sensation.
By repositioning the body, there is no longer pain in sexual intercourse either.
-Prevention and improvement of diastasis recti and prolapse. The separation of abdominal muscles is decreased with these exercises and the existing prolapses are reduced due to the repositioning of the pelvic muscles.
Back pain reduction: Better position of the body and stronger abdominal wall lead to avoiding pain.
Prevention of hernias since the body has a stronger abdomen and pelvis.


Curso de Ejercicios Hipopresivos

Un viaje al mundo de los hipopresivos

Teoría y aprendizaje de primeras 11 posiciones para realizar secuencia de 20 minutos

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Vídeo de presentación del curso

The trainer

Elena Vázquez-Prada began studying classical dance at the age of four. Throughout the course of her dance career, she continued to develop and hone her skills via multiple forms of other styles of dance, including flamenco, contemporary, tango, swing, and salsa.. Her venture through dance studies led her down the path to further research ulterior elements that affected ways in which the body functions and recovers from common injuries and postnatal health conditions.
Today, her courses predominantly focus on helping women to rediscover their overall health and physique following pregnancy as well as assisting dancers, athletes, and virtually all walks of life who feel a desire, or sense of need for rehabilitating from issues or accidents which require additional instruction.
Some additional factors that lead to her passion for researching wellness, nutrition and hypopressives came from observing problems among actual dancers, whereby there were oftentimes several worries about staying fit by following a good nutrition program while also improving techniques to decrease incontinence or maintain the body’s core strength. 
Elena presently resides in Geneva, Switzerland where she is a mother and has been able to witness firsthand the positive benefits of hypopressives in order to get back into shape after pregnancy, and, simultaneously applying nutrition practices to her own life and sense of wellness. 
Her experiences drove her to begin teaching and helping others by educating them about the prolonged risks of neglecting to exercise the pelvic floor through hyperpressive exercises and abs training, along with the importance of caring about holistic wellness to care not only about physical beauty and looks but also about long-term health.
Titles of this life time student:
-Official trainer of hypopressives-renewed every 2 years.
-Pelvic rehabilitation.
-Nutrition advisor
-Anatomy training
-Over 30 years of dancing experience 

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